The main purpose of Bedikat Chametz (searching for leavened bread) and destroying it, is that we must destroy all foreign thoughts that come from our belief in nature. We must understand with clear knowledge that every detail of the world is directed by G-D Himself. With this knowledge we nullify the entire exile and its darkness. For when it is realized that G-D directs the world Himself, all darkness becomes void. The main light is G-D and when this is realized – night will shine like day. This is the concept of “And nighttime will become day.” For this reason, the night when we search for Chametz takes place according to the wording of the Mishna during a period called “towards the light of the 14th day,” specifically light.

Reb Noson, Likutey Halachos

Yossi Katz
Breslov Research Institute

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