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The Downfall of Egypt and the 7th Day of Passover

by breslov.org

The main downfall of Egypt took place at the splitting of the Sea of Reeds. At the Sea of Reeds, it became so clear that G-d runs the world that evil, who empowers itself by selling the belief of natural order, became subdued and greatly nullified. There were actually two aspects of the splitting of the sea. While the physical splitting of the sea was taking place, there was also a spiritual splitting of the sea. Spiritually there is a “Sea of Wisdom.” The Sea of Wisdom was also split at that time, allowing for true knowledge to seep down. The essence of this knowledge is that G-d runs every aspect of the world. Because of this revelation, the physical sea also became split. The physical sea represents the evil forces that promote belief in nature and fate. This is because the sea contains waves who despite witnessing other waves unsuccessfully trying to break the coast, nevertheless continue attempting to break through their natural borders. Evil, even after witnessing the Divine judgment, continues pursuing its own cause and denial of G-d. After the Divine Knowledge had seeped down, the Jews were therefore able to cross on dry land. G-d’s light filled the world to such a great extent that nature was completely revealed as being Divine. We can now appreciate that only after celebrating the seventh day of Passover, when this great event occurred, are the Jews able to once again eat Chometz (leavened bread[i].)

[i] Because essentially leavened and unleavened bread contain the same ingredients, only that leavened bread had time to rise, thus unleavened bread represents something without any G-dly concealment whatsoever.)

Reb Noson, Likutey Halachos

Translated by Yossi Katz
Breslov Research Institute

© Copyright 2009 Breslov Research Institute

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