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12 Tips for Difficult Moments

by Meir Elkabas
12 Tips for Difficult Moments

The following are some tidbits for strengthening oneself in trying and difficult times. It is our hope that they will be of true and eternal help:

1.  The main area of free will in life is regarding Faith/Emuna. To choose to believe that Hashem is running your life and not you.

2. Know and believe that when the evil one sees that you are getting so close to the “gold mine” he makes life dark, upside down and totally futile just to totally sidetrack you from getting to the gold. All you can do is cry, lift your eyes Heavenward and not give up for a better future (and present).

3. For the sake of free will Hashem enables you to connect to Him even in the most darkest of situations. This is especially expressed in one’s ability to speak to Him and yearn for His closeness even within one’s personal mess.

4. The power of Torah study – especially the teachings of the True Tzaddikim – is so great that even the person “trapped” in the deepest concealment can attain a true arousal to come back to Hashem.

5. The farthest places and situations from holiness contain specifically the highest levels of hidden holiness. it is our job to uncover and reveal these hidden sparks by connecting and coming back to Hashem from these low places.

6.  When things are going so “seemingly” bad that it seems so “obvious” that Heaven is behind all this – know that things are on their way for the good. But – it depends on your positive outlook and keeping your cool under the duress.

7. Living life is like experiencing the fear and panic of the cries and roars of wild beasts in a deep jungle. But, if you listen closer, you will hear and notice that it is truly a beautiful melody that they are singing. (see The Exchanged Children; R. Nachman’s Stories)

8.  When everything is simply “falling down” on you to the point that it is absolutely ridiculous and clear Divine Providence – all one can do is to say “thank you” for all the good within the turbulence.

9.  Possibly, the greatest joy in life is “picking-up” and properly understanding the meaning of the hints that Hashem sends you through your daily trials and tribulations.

10.  When a person is tuned in to Hashem and His Divine Providence, when hit with such a down to the extent that he is so bitter that he doesn’t even want Hashem anymore, still in His compassion He still sends that person personal salvation. This is because Hashem knows that deep down inside a person wants to be a good Jew. It’s just that the external pressure of the situation pushes a person to act the way he does.

11.  Normally when a person is suddenly faced with feelings of major futility, weakness, depression and rejection it could be because they are about to go up a new level in life. And these feelings are the souls “symptoms” of feeling the new evil forces that will have to be overcome at this new level. So…. cheer up and don’t give up. For Hashem won’t send you an overwhelming situation

And if one “nevertheless” finds oneself in “terminal” and “dead-end” overwhelming situations, know that this emanates from a profound blemish of faith (see Likutey Moharan part 2 lesson 5).

And the only way to heal this “fallen” faith is by seeking out deep counsels from Hashem as set out in His Torah and by His Tzaddikim. For they all offer deep and sound advice for every conceivable and seemingly dead-end situation in life.

This is so since Hashem is called “First and Last” – meaning that no matter how low you may fall, Hashem, your Creator – is always a “step-ahead” in that He has already “prepared” a safety-net “below your down” to help you come out. But first, Emuna must be rectified.

This Emuna constitutes Emuna in Hashem, His Tzaddikim, His Torah, and “especially” in your true worth and precious value in Hashem’s Eyes.

12.  Thus, to deal with the seemingly overwhelming situation, you cannot hit it “head-on”. Rather you must go a step above, dealing with the “source” of the terminal situation – namely a lack and blemish of Faith.

And if in the meanwhile the situation is so painful that “you rather be…” (G-d forbid) you can subconsciously ponder this point of attaining deep advice that is even deeper than your situation and can help you out of the situation. It exists but you must seek it out. The key is obviously praying about this itself.

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