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Oneg Shabbat – Insights from Reb Ephraim Z”l

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Moshe said to Korach and his followers:
“Is it but a pittance for yourselves that the G-d of Israel has separated you from the [rest of the] congregation of Israel to bring you closer to Him to perform the services of the Mishkan of Ad-noy, and to stand before the congregation to serve them? He brought you near with all of your bretheren the sons of Levi with you, and yet you ask to be kohanim as well?”
Certainly Korach’s intention was purely for the sake of Heaven, however he erred by not following God in a truly simplistic and straightforward way. Had he said “I will serve God, I will look at what G-d has given me and I will straighten myself in that area by serving Him humbly,” he would have never rebelled against Moshe.

Moshe beseeched God:
“Do not turn to their offering.”

Rash explains:
“According to the plain interpretation, [through] the incense which they will offer before you tomorrow, do not turn to them. According to the Midrash, he said, “I know that they have a portion in the continual communal sacrifices. Let their portion not be received by you favorably. Let the fire allow it to remain without consuming it.”

From this we see the awesome extent to which God watches over every one of us. There were 600,000 Jews in the desert. Each and every Jew had a portion in the communal offering. Not only that but each Jews portion was completely defined and separate from the other 599,999 Jews. If God runs the world with such precision then certainly we have nothing to worry about at all. Everything is truly for our best. Let us just be happy and grateful!

May it be His will that we truthfully merit to have total faith, as is His will and the will of the Tzadik.

Based on Oneg Shabbot
By Yossi Katz [email protected]

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