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In Less Than Spiritual Surroundings

by breslov.org

There are people who find themselves on a daily basis in less than spiritual surroundings. It’s very common to work between and conduct business with non-Jews or fellow Jews who are far from a life of spiritual growth. It’s very hard to come face to face with their materialistic attitudes and lifestyles on a constant basis and not be affected. One would think that this would be a serious catalyst for being unable serve Hashem properly. Seemingly, it looks like a good excuse.

However, we know that “The world is full of His Glory”, as the Passuk says. The Zohar teaches that there is no such thing as place where Hashem isn’t. No place is void and empty from Him. He fills up all the worlds, and surrounds all the worlds.
In everything in the world, in all materialism, and even in all the languages of the nations, it’s possible to perceive Godliness. Without Godliness, they would have no life force and existence at all. The only thing is that when the spiritual level of something is lower, that perception is concealed. The lower the levels descend the more levels of concealment.

This means that no matter what situation you might find yourself in, there must be a way to serve Hashem right there.

There’s certainly some type of devotion which you can do right now, right here. It may be to try not looking where we can’t or listening to what you shouldn’t. Even just to think about Hashem, and to contemplate your belief in Him and His Divine Providence.

Therefore, it’s important to realize that there is never a situation in which it’s impossible to serve Hashem. Even if you’re sunk into materialism, or even worse, even if you feel as if you’re on the lowest level, in which it’s impossible anymore to come close to Him, you must still know that even in your situation you can find Him and find something through which to serve Him. It’s possible to cleave to Him and come close to Him even where you are, and to come to a full and complete Teshuvah.

Hashem is never far from you, and His service is never far from you. Just in your level the concealment is greater.

Based on Meshivas Nefesh 10 11
Written by Ephraim Portnoy

Copyright 2009 (C) The Breslov Research Institute

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