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38th Day of the Omer (Friday, 7 May)

by Ozer Bergman

Week of Yesod, Third Day

Major sefirah: Yesod/Foundation; minor sefirah: Tiferet/Splendor

You know what the most beautiful thing about Judaism is? Its people. First of all the tzaddikim. They are so refined and kind. They speak gently, never using an untoward word, even when they have to put us in our place. Their every move can teach us something.

Even the ordinary folk, like me, are wonderful, despite our mistakes. We’re always trying to make the world a better place, safer, more comfortable, what have you. Even if our ideas or their execution aren’t always the best, we’re trying to do improve things.

So I’m going to talk about Jewish tiferet (splendor). I’m going to let people: Look how wonderful the Jews and their tzaddikim are! Be like them! I’m sure a lot of people will take it to heart, including me. And the strength of our foundation will be greater, so we can receive more of the Torah’s depth and have greater appreciation of its splendor.

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