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The deepest and most exalted levels of Godliness are kept well hidden, especially in the very low places, those which are very far away from Hashem. These levels of perception and feeling of Hashem we refer to as the deepest secrets of the Torah.

Therefore, even when somebody thinks that he may have fallen, even if it may have been a very low fall, he should know that it may be that right now he has a special chance to come close to Hashem now, more than ever. This is because the Godliness which is hidden over here is on a very high, exalted level.

When he will merit doing Teshuvah in his situation, he will merit a special closeness to Hashem and a feeling of Him. Only now might he be able to understand how the secrets of the Torah are indeed relevant to him.

Based on Meshivas Nefesh 13

Written by Ephraim Portnoy

© Copyright 2009 Breslov Research Institute

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