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42nd Day of the Omer (Tuesday, 11 May)

by Ozer Bergman

Week of Yesod, Seventh Day

Major sefirah: Yesod/Foundation; minor sefirah: Malkhut/Royalty-Kingship

You know, even in the darkest days in Egypt, we always had the tradition that the Redeemer would come, a towering tzaddik. And we were fortunate. Many of the ancients, the founders of our tribes, the children and grandchildren of our third patriarch Yaakov, lived long lives. Then the saintly Aharon the Levite shepherded us for so many years until his brother Moshe returned. We were fortunate because we always knew with certainty that they were genuine tzaddikim and that they were destined to lead us.

But what will be in the future? Perhaps some other extraordinary genius with a noble lineage will declare himself to be our true leader. How will we know to distinguish correctly? What can we do so that God will help us choose correctly that we align ourselves, at all times, with genuine tzaddikim? I must pray for siyata d’Shemaya, Divine assistance, in this.

I remember that in Egypt-land, even among us slaves, there were some who were poorer than others. Those poorer ones had complaints against the Creator. It took more than just sharing the precious little we had to get them to feel better and re-consider their bitterness. We had to comfort them, bring them to a more relaxed state of mind so that would understand that there was a better way to relate to God. I pray that I never lose the generosity of spirit and that way with words which helped them.

It’s been many years that we have been led, ruled really, by a Levite. I wonder how long that will continue. Our parents and grandparents always spoke of Yehudah and his tribe as being leaders, courageous in so many ways. And of course, Yosef the Tzaddik and his family were royalty here in Egypt itself. I will pray that whichever of our tribes that God picks, and whomever of that tribe that he selects to rule over us in the future, will establish his kingdom in order to establish God’s kingdom. Amen!

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