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43rd Day of the Omer (Wednesday, 12 May)

by Ozer Bergman

Week of Malkhut, First Day

Major sefirah: Malkhut/Royalty-Kingship; minor sefirah: Chessed/Kindness

It’s sort of funny, you know, that a lot of ordinary, “at first glance” thinking is really wrong, the opposite of how things really are. What do I mean? Well, for example, to be in charge of something, to be its king, means to take from it what you want, when you want and to tell it what to do.

Wrong! I mean, on all counts, wrong. What I described is how one would treat a slave, and cruelly too, I might add. I should know. It wasn’t till too long ago that I was a slave!

Yes, certainly, a king, a government, takes. It has to in order to give. That’s what a king really ought to do, if he isn’t already doing it. A king gives his people what they need—which they really want, or would, if they took the time to think what was best for them—when they need it (if not before) while getting them to realize what their true genius in life is.

Now, I’m not the king of any country, but I do “rule the roost,” to coin a phrase. If I want to bring out the best in my family or students, I have to think what’s best for them and give them and give them some more, until they realize what their potential is and choose on their own to develop it.

And that’s what God’s Malkhut is like, taking from us what He’s given us—what He’s helped us to earn and allowed us to have—in order to have us take notice of what we can achieve, of how great the human spirit can really be.

I know it’s really easier for people to feel greatness and generous when they feel secure that they have what they need. So, I’m going to help them. I’ll give away from my money, food and clothing if that’s what others need. I’ll try such “kingly” giving so that others will realize Who the real King is!

When I daven (pray) the Shemonah Esrei blessing Slach na (Forgive, please #6), I will ask God to forgive me for disrespecting His authority and that of His representatives.

מאמרים קשורים

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