So, in all reality, it’s quite likely that your Sefirat HaOmer has not been ideal. You may feel feel that you are not only not prepared to receive the Torah, but prepared to not receive it, God forbid! If so, now’s a good time to use your Never Despair card! You can count all forty-nine days in this one last day! How so? Rebbe Yisroel, the Koshnitzer Magid teaches:

If one did not return [to God], and did not wake himself immediately at the outset of the Omer-Count, he should not say that he has no hope. “Until the morrow of the seventh Shabbat, tisperu (count, polish)” (Leviticus 23:16). The implication is that even on this day you can make every day shine, if you return.

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Ozer Bergman

Ozer Bergman is an editor for the Breslov Research Institute, a spiritual coach, and author of Where Earth and Heaven Kiss: A Practical Guide to Rebbe Nachman's Path of Meditation.

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