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A Brand New Year

by breslov.org

So, here we are again, another Rosh HaShanah goes by, then Sukkot and finally Simchat Torah. I have very mixed emotions. On the one hand I feel a little tired and worn out. Long davening and all of the additional mitzvoth of the Yom Tov take their toll. The bed in my house is certainly very cozy, especially compared to Toronto where I spent Sukkot. And I am glad to get back to my normal schedule and routine, my studying and working. However, I am also a little sad. I remember the great moments of inspiration throughout the holidays. Being in Uman certainly brought many thoughts of sincere Tshuvah. I remember thinking: “This year will certainly be different.” Now I find myself in front of my computer wondering, OK so where do I start? However I did have one experience that I think gives a great “Breslov” perspective to this dilemma. As I walked away from the “Kloiyz – the big Shul in Uman” I bumped into to a man whom I truly respect. He kind of read my thoughts and told me, “So now you are ready to be the perfect Tzadik, but what is going to happen when you get back home and reality strikes. Many of the things we were so strong about are just not going to come easy and many things are NOT going to go the way we planned. So what do we do? There is a very simple answer. Let us not forget our good intentions, but let us live them though prayer. No matter what, we CAN live them by expressing our hopes and thoughts to God and asking Him to let us get there, even if they don’t come right away, AMEN.”

Written by Yossi Katz

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