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A Chassidic Story (#24)

by Ozer Bergman

A Chassidic Story (#24)

Reb Shneur, the grandson of Reb Nachman Kosovar, told the following story about his grandfather and Reb Yudel of Tchidnov who was the rabbi of Ludmir.

Reb Nachman built a shul (synagogue) in Ludmir, right near a stream. The mikveh (ritual bath) was adjacent to the shul. One Shabbos morning, before beginning the prayers, Reb Nachman and Reb Yudel went to the mikveh. Reb Nachman did everything very quickly. Reb Yudel, in contrast, was a bit slower. While Reb Yudel was still undressing and getting ready to enter the water, Reb Nachman was already in the shul and at the amud (cantor’s lectern) leading the prayers.

When Reb Yudel got out of the water, he heard Reb Nachman singing the hymn Aderes v’Emunah.* He got so excited that while wearing only his underwear he run straight to the shul, where he danced for close to two hours.

May the merit of the tzaddikim protect us and all Yisrael. Amen.

Based on Shivchei Baal Shem Tov #83

* “Strength and Faithfulness,” a hymn sung by angels, taught to us in Pirkei Heikhalot Rabbati, Chapter 26.

© Copyright 2011 O. Bergman

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