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A Fire Burns in Breslov!

by breslov.org

In the coming week, the Hilula (memorial) of Reb Noson of Breslov, the close and faithful disciple of Rebbe Nachman, will take place. Rebbe Nachman once said that without Reb Noson, not even one page of his writings would have remained. A true disciple such as Reb Noson is like the moon, which reflects the sun. We can only perceive the light of the sun by looking at the moon. Similarly, with Reb Noson, we can merit receiving the tremendous light of Rebbe Nachman only through him.

For years, on the occasion of his Hilula, I have been giving special lessons in his memory, and in the last two years, Reb Yosef Karduner has joined us so that everyone can enjoy a unique evening that leaves a taste of Torah combined with an uplifting melody.

This is your opportunity to come and receive this tremendous light with ready tools that can strengthen and bring each and every one of us closer to HaShem.

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We look forward to seeing you.
Chaim Kramer

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