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A Little Help from My Friends

by Yehudis Golshevsky
A Little Help from My Friends

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…

In order to transform the world, so that it turns away from crass materialism and focuses on serving the One G-d, we need peace. In every generation, the extent to which people turn to G-d in prayer depends on the degree of peace that reigns among them.
(Likutey Moharan I:27)

What does this mean to me?

One of the points of the lesson cited above is that peace—the unification of holy purpose among a group of disparate individuals—is best accomplished when our voices are purified by the truth which is accessed through Torah study. By having an objective standard that illuminates our minds and hearts with G-d’s will, we are able to stay aligned with what is really important. Then, when we turn to our friends to work together toward the greater good, they can hear us, and we can hear them.

A prayer:

Merciful G-d, help me understand
The importance of loving my friends,
Wanting their happiness and success,
And appreciating that they also desire my good.

Let us please come together
To talk and discuss our situations in life.
Let us review where we are going,
And how life flashes past before we realize it.

Let us talk about the meaning
Of this material world
And discuss our real purpose
In being here.

May we consider these matters together
With true affection and feeling,
So that we inspire each other
To return to You….

(Between me and You: Heartfelt Prayers for Each Jewish Woman, pg. 28)

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