A Little thought in honor of Kiddush L’Vana

In Kiddush L’vana we say “With Joy and Happiness the moon does the will of its Creator.” We know that originally the moon was created equal to the sun, yet because of its complaints it was punished and lost its light. Yet it still joyfully continues to fulfill its duties – duties he knows he could have done better in his original state and he will eventually fulfill on a larger scale after the coming of Mashiach, when he will be returned to his original state. However it is nevertheless happy doing what it still can do for the Creator. Observe its pattern, it starts off the month so small and slowly grows bigger and bigger yet at its peak it again loses its size until it is…tiny – nothing! Yet it starts again every month continuing to do whatever it can. In truth if not for the fact that it gets smaller and smaller it would have no ability to grow, for a full moon has nowhere to grow!!!

Written by B. Gorelic, with Yossi Katz