A Midrash for Monday (#11)

A Midrash for Monday (#11)

Rav Ada says, “Because there are 248 active mitzvahs, the human body has 248 “limbs.” Each day the mitzvahs cry out to a person, ‘Do us! You will live a long life on our account.’

“There are 365 prohibitions, the same number of days as there are in a solar year. Every day, from the moment it rises till the moment it sets, the sun calls out to a person, ‘By the authority of the One who brought you all your days until today, I order you to not violate today’s prohibition on my watch! Don’t make yourself and the whole world guilty.’”

Based on Midrash Tanchuma, Ki Tetzei #2

Many a siddur (Jewish prayerbook) has the following affirmation, formulated by Rabbi Avraham David of Butshatsh/Buczacz (1770–1840) in his work Tefilah l’David #21:

“From this moment on, from now till tomorrow at this time, in every detail of everything I do, say and think, it is my intention to unite the Holy, Blessed One and His Shekhinah; [I do this] on behalf of the entire Jewish people, in order to place myself, the entire Jewish nation and the entire world on the side of merit.”

Believe me—start your day for a while by saying this and you can’t help but be a better person.

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