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A Prayer for Rosh HaShanah

by Yossi Katz

One of Rebbe Nachman’s main teachings was to be with him for Rosh HaShanah. Ever since the pilgrimages in the times of the Rebbe, Breslover Chassidim from far and wide have done everything possible to heed his call. But so many of us have difficulties that seem to hold us back from traveling to the Tzaddik. Rebbe Nachman taught over and over again that the main obstacles are purely psychological and that our greatest weapons are desire and prayer. As many of us begin thinking about Rosh HaShanah, let us fortify ourselves with the power of Reb Nosson’s beautiful prayer and evoke these great powers.

Master of the Universe! You know the greatness of our obligation to travel to the true tzaddikim for Rosh Hashanah – and You also know how many formidable obstacles concerning this face us from all sides.

O God Who pities the poor, have pity and mercy on us, and help us to break though all barriers. Show us Your ways, guide us in Your truth, and teach us, so that we will merit to travel to the true tzaddikim for Rosh Hashanah. Then we will truly attain sanctification of the mind. For You know that at present, during this period of travail known as the “footsteps of the Mashiach,”[i] our main support and salvation is only these holy days of Rosh Hashanah. Through them we seek to come close to You, and to draw Your Godliness and Your Kingship upon us, from Rosh Hashanah to the rest of the year entirely.

We don’t know what is taking place in the supernal worlds on Rosh Hashanah, nor how to appease You at this time, so that we may be deemed worthy of crowning You as our King, in awe and reverence.

We don’t know how to stand up to all of our enemies and heavenly prosecutors, “to close the mouths of our denouncers and accusers,”[ii] except in the merit and power of the true tzaddikim. Upon them we rely, and upon them we lean, for they wage war on our behalf, and subjugate and cast down all of our enemies and persecutors; and they draw upon us the holiness of Rosh Hashanah.

Therefore, have mercy upon us for the sake of Your Name, and take our side, so that we may overcome all obstacles, and succeed in traveling to the true tzaddikim for Rosh Hashanah. Help us to may bind ourselves to them in truth, and fully attain sanctification of the mind through them, and sweeten and nullify all harsh judgments, and elicit loving-kindness.

Enlighten us, so that we may recognize and perceive Your exaltedness and Your sovereignty over us. Rule over us in Your Glory speedily; “And every created thing shall know that You created it, and every formed thing shall understand that You formed it; and everything that possesses the breath of life in its nostrils shall declare, ‘The Lord God of Israel is King, and His dominion extends over all!’ “[iii] Purify us and sanctify us, in Your sublime holiness, now and forever, amen sela!

(LT I, 76)

If you would like more information about travelling to Uman, please contact us. It is our pleasure to help you along your journey.

[i] See above, note 156.

[iii] Liturgy, Rosh Hashanah Musaf.

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meir elkabas July 11, 2013 - 9:01 am

amazing and powerful preparation for getting to uman rosh hashanah


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