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A Question from the Heart

by breslov.org

My girlfriend’s husband is dying of brain cancer. They are both Jewish and I am Roman Catholic. I had purchased the book, The Gentle Weapon and found the prayers very helpful when praying for myself and my friends. I was wondering if there are any prayers of Rebbe Nachman that were
for people near death or for the families of the dying. My girlfriend, who is not used to praying, is open to prayers. I have many prayers for the dying from my faith but feel it is more important to use prayers of the Jewish faith out of repect for my friend. Thank you.


Thank you for your question, care and concern.

Rebbe Nachman did not write prayers specifically for those near death or their families. If your friend, or her husband, formulate a prayer in their own words that is certainly acceptable. To ask for mercy in the healing, farewell, transition are certainly within the realm of Jewish teaching and tradition. In certain situations, it may even be a greater mercy to request of God that the patient take his leave. (However, it is forbidden to do anything to hasten his demise!)

You can find the standard Jewish prayer for healing here:

If it seems that death is imminent, it is best for the ill person to confess. For more information see:

I hope this helps.

With prayers for healing of body and soul.
Ozer Bergman

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