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A Small Boy’s Prayer

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Rebbe Nachman was very sick and some of his followers were by his bedside when his grandson, Yisrael, came to visit. The little boy was only three or four years old.

Rebbe Nachman was very weak and he was close to leaving this world. He said to little Yisrael, “Pray to Hashem that I should become well again.”

Little Yisrael said, “Give me your watch and I’ll pray for you.”

The Rebbe smiled and said to his followers, “Do you see? He’s already a Rebbe, because he tells me to give him something in order for him to pray for me.”

The Rebbe gave him his watch, and little Yisrael took it and went aside and said with great intensity, “Hashem, Hashem! Let my zayde be well again.”

All the Chassidim standing around laughed and gave each other knowing looks, but the Rebbe corrected them. He said,  “This is exactly how we have to ask Hashem for help. In truth, what other way is there, really, to pray to God? The essence of prayer is total simplicity, speaking to Hashem the way a child talks to his parent or the way a person talks with their very best friend.”

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Photo by Reb Gil Bashe



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