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by Yossi Katz

Peyos, what is the authentic Breslover hanhagah/tradition?

Rebbe Nosson writes in Tzaddik that the Rebbe once hinted at the deeper meaning of why payot are curled. I guess you can infer from there that the best way to have them would be like that. Breslover Chassidim also like to have long payot in general because the Rebbe said by your very payot I will schlep you out of Gehinom (if you come to Uman,  give a few pennies to Charity and accept apon yourself to not return to your evil ways.)

HOWEVER, this should be understood in the proper light. Breslov Chassidim never placed the same emphasis on external customs as did other Chassidim and there are examples of non-Chassidic customs about which Rebbe Nachman explicitly said keeping them would  not deter from being Breslov, for example eating Gebrochts on Pesach and praying with the Nusach Ashkanaz Siddur. The topic of how to stlye your payot is hardly ever mentioned in Breslov circles and most of us realize that there are much more essential parts of Breslover Chassidut.

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