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Accessing Our Inner Light

by Dovid Mark
Accessing Our Inner Light

The descent down to this world of darkness, confusion, and illusions was a traumatic experience for each of our souls.  No matter how many times we sojourn to this world,  the pain of conscious disconnection from our lofty infinite source is so much we  cope by forgetting our purpose here.  To us, this world is not a maze, but rather a beautiful and enticing painting to dip into and saturate our senses.

Despite our lack of memory, a candle burns deep within us.  On those quiet days when we are alone we sense something else about our world.  We notice that when our senses are not stimulated this burning candle grows, until a yearning is felt within. The world that appeared only a moment ago as the only reality feels dim and shallow.  This candle of intense light is our soul.  It yearns to achieve its tikkun, rectification and return home to the world of emunah, faith and reunite with the Creator’s boundlessness.

The more we let go and allow our inner light to shine outward, the more our mission we were sent down here to complete can be accomplished.

The key is not to give up.

We must know that deep within we are already there, one with the infinite. It is only our time in this world that is masking our connection to who we truly are and could be if we let go.

Our mission is to shine forth through the darkness of our world so of us can find our specific path and if we allow our light to be strong enough shine a light on other’s paths as well.

(Based on Likutey Halachot Birchat HaShachar Halacha 5.44)

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