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ALIEN PHILOSOPHIES AND IDEOLOGIES. 1. The only true wisdom is the wisdom of the Tzaddikim. It brings them to a lofty perception of God and gives them the power to communicate their perception to those who follow them. Compared with this wisdom, all other ideological systems are utter foolishness.

But because of our many sins, it can happen at times that this genuine wisdom falls into the hands of the heathens and the forces of the Other Side. Their newfound wisdom gives them power and dominion, and then the heathens gain the upper hand, God forbid. Who can bear the sound of the great and terrible cry when this wisdom falls into their hands and fools affect to be wise? They try to adapt this genuine wisdom to their own purposes, as if it could be made a part of their own ideologies – as if their own foolishness had anything to do with the knowledge of God. They start claiming that they alone are the wise ones and there is no wisdom greater than their own erroneous speculations, parasitic as they are on the fallen, genuine wisdom. God Himself cries out because of this.

The way to remove this wisdom from their hands and return it to its source is through acts of charity and kindness, under the guidance and inspiration of the Tzaddikim (Likutey Moharan I, 30:6).

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