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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice: Money and Livelihood 13

by breslov.org


13. People who are sunk in the desire for wealth are always in debt. We can actually see this. When people are dissatisfied with what they have, they start speculating – and saddle themselves with a mighty burden of debt. They borrow from others in the hope of making big profits from the investment. But in the end, they die as debtors. And even if they are not literally in debt when they die, they are always effectively in debt to their own lusts, as we can see. There are many people who have more than enough to cover their needs. Yet they spend all their days chasing after profit. They are prepared to struggle and submit to all kinds of risks and inconvenience just for the sake of money. …

Even a whole lifetime is not long enough for them to pay off the debts they owe to their desires, because there is no limit to them. All their days they are depressed, worried and bitter because of their appetite for money. The more money people have, the more depression and worries they have, because they are entangled in idolatry, which is the very source of depression, darkness and death. Their money eats up the days of their life with problems and worries (Likutey Moharan I, 23:5).

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