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Rebbe Nachman’s Advice: Money and Livelihood 6-7

by breslov.org


6. The desire for wealth is literally a form of idol worship. As long as it continues to exist, the world is under the shadow of God’s anger. But the more completely it is uprooted, the more God’s anger is lifted and the world radiates with the blessing of His love. The messianic spirit begins to spread, understanding springs forth, and it is as if the Holy Temple has been rebuilt. New horizons of Torah are revealed – the Torah that is destined to be revealed in the future (Likutey Moharan I, 13:2-5).

7. People who are obsessed with the idea of getting rich lack faith in God’s power to send man his livelihood with little effort on his part. Instead, they get involved in all kinds of complicated enterprises in the struggle for extra profit. Only after great toil and anxiety do they eat their daily bread. They are constantly worried and depressed. They have attached themselves to the “countenance of the forces of the Other Side” – the domain of darkness, depression, idolatry and death.

It is completely different for those who go about their work in a spirit of faith and trust in God. … They know and believe with perfect faith that God alone is the source of man’s wealth and income … People like this are attached to the light of God’s countenance, which is the realm of radiance, life and joy (ibid. I, 23:1).

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