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Alien Philosophies and Ideologies Cont.

by breslov.org

ALIEN PHILOSOPHIES & IDEOLOGIES. 2. One should always guard one’s mind against false ideologies. The only way to achieve fulfillment in life is through the pursuit of genuine wisdom – namely, the wisdom of Torah, which is concerned with Godliness. Compared with this, all other systems of ideology are sheer emptiness; they have nothing to do with wisdom at all (Likutey Moharan I, 35:1).


  1. When a person is born, his intelligence is limited. When he begins to use it to think about how to serve God, it starts growing. But if a person fills his mind with alien ideas, the intelligence of his holy soul is diminished in direct proportion to the space taken up by these ideas. This unholy “intelligence” becomes the source of all kinds of negative appetites and character traits (ibid.).


  1. A person has to be so careful to guard his mind and thoughts, making sure he never admits alien ideas or ways of looking at things. All our problems, defects and sins come from abusing the sanctity of the mind by admitting alien thoughts and ideologies. To achieve true repentance and make amends for all one’s sins, a person must cleanse his mind of all these alien ideas. Wisdom and intelligence actually are the soul. By clearing the mind of alien ideologies, the faculty of thought is elevated to its source. This is the essence of returning to God (ibid.).

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