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Remaining Amazing Uman Opportunities 2013

by breslov.org

Dear Friends,

For those of us privileged enough to be travelling to Uman, there are a couple updates on the remaining opportunities.

The Uman Kollel is filling up! The Wednesday class with Chaim Kramer is sold out! Please register (no charge) for these classes as the limited seating will be given to those who have pre-registered.

Download (PDF, 4.44MB)

We thank our wonderful partners for sponsoring much of the large amount of food and other expenses involved in these great projects. There are still a couple of opportunities remaining:

1.      Dedicate the Uman Kollel Torah learning in honor or memory of a loved one.

2.      Sponsor an Uman meal Shabbat or Yom Tov meal:

The Gemara states, “The (impure) smoke from the idol of Michah mixed with the ascending smoke of the Holy Altar in Shiloh. When the angels prosecuted before HaShem against Michah, HaShem told them, “Leave him! His food is available for every passerby!” (Sanhedrin 103b). On Rosh HaShannah, all of creation comes before God to be judged (Rosh HaShannah 16a). The greatness of the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim (providing for guests) invokes forgiveness for sins on Rosh HaShanah!

A Tikkun HaKlali will be said on your behalf for dedicating these special opportunities.

We thank you so much for your words and actions of support.  Please also “like” our Facebook page “The Breslov Research Institute” and “Friends of the Breslov Research Institute” on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter “Breslov BRI.”  Your connection to updates is very appreciated.

L’Shanah HaBah B’Yerushalayim H’Benuyah – May we celebrate together in Yerushalayim, Amen!

Your Breslov Research Institute Community

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