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An Affiliation Question

by Yossi Katz

I have been very curious about Breslover Chasidim for quite some time now.  I had affiliated with Chabad for awhile because I am not a fully observant Jew, yet I am in agreement with a Chasidic-type Judaism and Chabad was very non-judgmental.  But lately I have been reading about other groups and have read quite a few quotes from Rabbi Nachman that really moved me and decided to inquire further.  Is it possible for someone who is not fully observant, and who doesn’t belong to any Breslover ‘group’, to still ‘be’ a Breslover Jew?


There is no one “guarding the door” in Breslov. Anyone who believes that Rebbe Nachman was a great teacher and a great tzaddik is already a Breslover. As far as observance is concerned, no Breslover, even those committed to keeping halakhah (Jewish law), is “fully” observant. Some of us do commit the occasional sin <gasp!>. 🙂

So, speak to God sincerely and ask Him for guidance about with whom to affiliate, and about getting that observance thing down pat. I’m reasonably confident He will do a fine job of directing you. 

Hope this helped.

kol tuv (=all the best).

Ozer Bergman

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