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An Important BRI Family Update

by Yossi Katz

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago, we shared with you the troubling news that Reb Chaim and Gita Kramer’s daughter –  Cheena Rachel bat Gita Genendel  was diagnosed with a serious cancer. Your outpouring of caring, love and prayer has been tremendous and mean so much to the family.

Your response has proven once again that BRI is truly a large extended family; this is of course thanks to the Kramer family for everything they have done to introduce Rebbe Nachman to us and for bringing us together in study, song and prayer in Uman and throughout the world.  At this time, we can share that Rachel has begun therapy, will access wisely the best healthcare Israel has to offer and draw upon HaShem’s mercy and miracles to assist.

As mentioned previously, Gita asked that we join in prayer for Refuah.  We hope to do more.  Help us bring to print the second volume of The Power Of Psalms (Rebbe Nachman on Tehillim).  Tehillim,  Tzadakah and the merit of Tzadikim like Rebbe Nachman evoke great merit for healing the sick. The second volume is now complete and we would like to dedicate its printing for the Refuah of Cheena Rachel bat Gita Genendel.  In our small way, this would be something we can do in unity to show our solidarity toward her recovery.

The book is sponsored by the Hannan Family who have graciously given their blessings to all of us to share in this mitzvah.

Friends can sponsor :

The Tehilim for the day of the month -$1,800 (Full page dedication)

A chapter of Tehilim-$1,000 (Half page dedication)

A page of “The Power of Psalms Tehilim with Breslov commentary-$360  (Small dedication)

A pasuk of Tehilim- (Have your names listed).

Please make an online contribution now in the merit of Refuah for Cheena Rachel Bat Gita Genendel or send your tax-deductible check to the Breslov Research Institute, 44 Saint Nicholas Ave. Lakewood, NJ 08701

The publication of this volume and the knowledge that we are joined with them in prayer, thought and deed, will bring great encouragement to this special family. 

Yasher Koach & Purim Sameach!

Reb Gil Bashe

Reb Yossi Katz

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Aharon March 10, 2018 - 5:14 pm

Have next to nothing
Able to pray and dance

Will heal our Dear sister

May HaShem bless the very being
Of our family
So she may see HaShem ‘s
Divine Love
In action!

Baruch HaShem


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