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Anger 1-4

by breslov.org


1. You must break the force of your anger with love. If you feel yourself becoming angry, make sure you do nothing unkind because of your anger. You must make a special effort to be kind to the very person you are angry with. Sweeten your anger with kindness.

When you do this, you will be able to draw benefit from the tzaddik and then you will be able to understand the true goal of all things. You will taste the delight of the World to Come, and you will see how everything in the world is part of the movement to this ultimate goal (Likutey Moharan I, 18:2).

2. Through breaking the force of anger with love and kindness, the true tzaddikim receive honor and greatness and the world finds a true leader – one who will have pity for the world and lead it in the right way, bringing each individual to his ultimate goal (ibid.).

3. Anger and unkindness arise when people’s understanding is limited. The deeper their understanding, the more their anger disappears, and kindness, love and peace spread. This is why the study of Torah, which deepens the understanding, brings love and peace into the world and banishes anger (ibid. I, 56:6).

4. Immersing in the mikvah is also an antidote to anger, because immersing in the mikvah brings understanding (ibid. I, 56:7).

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