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Another Note In The Melody

by Yehudis Golshevsky

A Sacred Time – Tishrei #3

Lamed—which also means to teach and learn—is the letter associated with the month of Tishrei. When we completed the yearly cycle of the reading of the Torah, its final letter was lamed of the word “Yisrael.” When we began it again right afterward, it’s primary letter was beit of the first word “Bereishit.” The two letters form the word lev—the heart. It’s only with a heart that is open to hear G-d’s word that we can really absorb the message of the Torah and the entire month of Tishrei.

Rebbe Nachman, z”l, explains that the word Tishrei can be rearranged to read shirat, “the song of…” After immersing ourselves in the many mitzvot of this special month, our hearts begin to sing a new song to G-d. Until now, we were immature. But after leaving our comfort zone and camping out in the temporary dwelling of the sukkah for a week during Sukkot, we have a new heart that can encompass the powerful message of this month. Every bit of energy we expend to get closer to G-d is another note in the melody—really a rousing symphony—produced by the Jewish people, year after year.

I implore You, beloved G-d, show me that every act of my life is a note that I play in this world’s great song to You. Help me avoid jarring notes and hit only the right keys to make my part delightful to You.

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