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Are You Truly Human? Then Pray!

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Rebbe Nachman tells us pray for everything. If your clothing is torn and it must be replaced, pray to Hashem for new clothing. Do this for everything. Make it a habit to pray for all your needs large or small.

Now the Rebbe tells that our main prayers must be about coming closer to Hashem and growing spiritually. However, he says, we must also pray even for the little things.

Hashem gives us food, He gives us clothing, He gives us a house or a place to live and He gives us the basic things we need–even though we don’t ask for them.

But, the Rebbe says, that’s how an animal lives. Hashem provides an animal with its food and shelter and an animal doesn’t have to thank Hashem or pray to Him. An animal also never asks Him for more.

But we aren’t animals. We are able to draw our lives down through prayer. When we do that, we are truly human.

May you have a day where you have the holy, human awareness that everything comes from Hashem.

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