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by Yehudis Golshevsky

Shevat IV

The tribe associated with the month of Shevat is Asher. It is no coincidence that the word for good fortune and wealth, osher, is written with the same three letters as Asher. When Leah bore Asher she exulted in her new blessing of joy and true wealth and graced the child with a name that reflected her feelings.

Coming to feel the deep pleasure and joy in the blessings that G-d has given us is a fundamental principle of Rebbe Nachman’s path. It’s no coincidence that the only original melody that we have from Reb Nosson is the sweetly simple, “Ashreinu!”—“Fortunate are we! How good is our portion, how pleasant our lot!”
But how am I to transform my negative attitudes and perceptions so that I can move through my day in a balanced, upbeat and serene way, no matter what challenges I encounter? Reb Nosson explains that we cannot achieve spiritual completion ourselves. We have to beg G-d for help in this too…and when we do, He will provide it.

Beloved Creator! Although I understand that awareness of my good fortune is the best way for me to live a peaceful and joyous life, I also know that I cannot get this joy myself. It is attainable only if You gift it to me. Please connect me to You and help me to be serene, no matter what. Help me always reflect on my great fortune until I can sing, “Ashreinu!”

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