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Question: Is it really true that if you Daven enough, you could get anything? Doesn’t HaShem sometimes answer no?

Answer: Generally speaking HaShem is testing us with things in life because he wants us to build a relationship with Him and ASK for what we need rather than just taking everything for granted. Now many times we may pray and do not get the answer we wanted because HaShem in His Infinite wisdom knows best that perhaps certain things are not for our ultimate benefit. However, if we push and push then the power of prayer is so great that HaShem could say if you want it that badly and don’t care what I think then fine – here it is. This is a bad thing and we must be careful to pray as much in a general way as possible. For example one who is looking for a marriage partner should not pray that the one he/she is dating right now turn out to be his/her spouse but rather that HaShem should lead him to the one that is truly right.

We see this concept in the Ashrey prayer we say three times daily.
“The will of the ones who fear him He establishes – and their cries He hears and saves them.” Now if He is doing what is asked of him, why are they crying? Because they pushed and didn’t have proper Emunah/Faith and now they cry: Oyyy! This was terrible for me. You shouldn’t have given me wealth, this spouse, car, house, job etc… But HaShem is so great that he still hears our cries even afterwards and saves us!

May we are merit to pray with real sincerity and to merit that our prayers are heard and answered for our true eternal benefit. Amen.

Yossi Katz

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wolf tenenbaum January 20, 2010 - 5:05 pm

from the merforshim on the prince of gems, it mentions that the Tzaddik davened for a child for a king, (who wanted a son) and a daughter was born. It goes on to state that one must be specific in tefilla. however, as a person of iron ratzon, i have personally experienced the “maybe i should not have pushed so hard’ more than a few times. yet, when i daven it rather specific. when to know where the line is?

Yossi Katz January 21, 2010 - 7:12 pm

I think that a person should Daven for what he thinks he needs, because the relationship between us and HaShem should be real and this requires us to express our true desires. However, we have to realize that our desires may not be truly good for us. So we should Daven with a “grain of salt!” Why can’t we say, I really would like job A because it pays well, I enjoy that line of work etc… However, if it wont be good for me or my family, or if there is something better waiting for me, please help me not get the job. I think we need to develop our own way of talking to HaShem and many times precisely HaShem may want us to say I don’t know if I should push any harder. I am confused, I need your help…


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