[su_pullquote]Aside from Rabeiny ZAL being the tzadik emet of this generation what else should I know about the tzadik to be a true breslover?[/su_pullquote]


The main thing is that once we have Emunah in the Tzaddik, it is essential to follow his eitzos and advice. This is compared to “seeing the face of the Tzaddik.” The goal of our great Emunah in the Tzaddikim is specifically that they should bring us closer to HaShem and His Torah, the primary way this done is by learning the Torah of the Tzaddik and fulfilling the advice written in it.

There are two specific pieces of advices the Rebbe told us to fulfill everyday without fail. Firstly, hisbodedus – prayer/meditation and learning Halacha – Jewish Law every day.

On a yearly basis there is Uman Rosh HaShana.

Besides for these there are many more pieces of advice that we may chose to fulfill in specific situations, specific times of our lives, or we may find the easiest thing to do is pick one, two, or three to work on today and work on fulfilling other ones at a different/later time.

Kol Tuv,
Yossi Katz

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