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Question: Can you tell me exactly how to do hisbodidus….I don’t understand how to do it???

I will give you a few tips, I should tell you though that Breslov Research has published an excellent book that is even selling in some Barnes and Noble stores. It is called Where Earth and Heaven Kiss, a guide to Rebbe Nachaman’s path to meditation. It is available on Amazon.com or our site here.

Many people when they start upon the path of Hisbodedus complain that it is so difficult to begin. I have even heard one person tell me that after 30 years it is not easier for him. When the Jews were in Egypt, Pharoh made them work so hard because he knew that if they would have a few minutes to reflect, they would turn to prayer and be redeemed. We find ourselves in the same battle with the Yetzer Hara daily, especially since the advent of technology where almost all our senses are subservient to everything happening around us, but not to anything happening inside of us.

Reb Nachman himself advised making Hisbodedus early in the morning (that was really after Chatzos at night Breslovers went to sleep very early and woke up around 2 am) right after waking up where you mind is still fresh and crisp. Like you say, daily things flash and as the day progresses so do the flashes. Although it may be hard for you to wake up at 2 am, I think the earlier the better. This does not mean to say it is impossible to do it in the middle of the day but much harder to get to the same point as early in the morning. The important thing to do is “break free ” of our mode of functioning without reflecting. One person who is now a great Rabbi in Israel,(Eliyahu Godlevski) said he starting doing this while he was washing dishes in the kitchen sink. If you can at least start to train yourself to take some time even small amounts (in fact it might be better to start this way) but to do it on a constant basis, you will begin to feel the importance of self introspection and become more and more familiar and comfortable with yourself.

One does not need a teacher, but Reb Nachman always recommended speaking with friends about ones service to HaShem. Perhaps they will share good ideas and advice like we are doing. One thing recommended if one does not have the words, is to repeat over and over again “HaShem I don’t have what to say, open my mouth etc…” One can say this over and over again, begging HaShem. Eventually, the words will begin to flow. For some it may take long, for others shorter, it all depends.

Also, it is recommended to begin with praising , then proceed to ask for things that are needed and then to end with thanks again but more of a personal thanks rather than a general/global one and always end on a positive note.

There is much to say and explain but I think you will find the information here as being sufficient to ponder for now.
Wishing you much hatzlacha and success in your efforts,

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Joseph May 20, 2014 - 3:12 pm

There is also a book by Rav Shalom Arush Shlita translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody called In Forest Fields which is a good guide for hitbodedut.


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