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Question 1:
I made Aliyah a few months ago and I recently heard that Rabbi Kramer gives a shiur in Yerushalayim. I would like to find out where and when this shiur is. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

Shiur is given on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM at Avinadav 8 (Jerusalem) in Breslov Research’s office. But not for a few weeks as Chaim Kramer is traveling until November 4.

Question 2:
I have heard recordings of Yedid Nefesh sung in the Breslov Tradition. I am wondering if this music has been printed and, if so, how to get it.
Thank you.

To the best of my knowledge the only sheet music that has been written was by Breslov Research Institute. You can see our selections here: https://breslov.org//bookstore/sheet-music/cat_12.html, however we did not get as far as Shalosh Seudot (when Yedid Nefesh is sung.) We do sell recordings of the Shabbat Zemirot on our online bookstore www.breslov.org/bookstore/.

Question 3:
Can an Onein (this refers to the halachic status of a person before his direct relative who has died is buried, generally he is exempt from POSITIVE commandments) make hisbotadut?
He’s allowed to; he’s allowed to talk to people, eat/drink;
So if he feels a need/desire to talk to Hashem, why not? It’s not obligatory and he’s not being machmir (stringent) on himself to do something he’s patur (absolved) from (like tefilin)

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