Ask A Breslover: How Do I Be Happy?

Ask A Breslover How Do I Be Happy?

Q: I’m trying (in all of this mess that is my life) to be happy, but I’m finding it so difficult to even smile. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do , but I do know that I want to be happy and find happiness in all things and in every situation.


Dear Friend,

Rebbe Nachman said when you don’t have joy, fake it. He also recommended doing “milsa d’shetusa” something silly – this can be VERY important to just get you out of your negative state of mind. You have to somehow realize that your sadness will not help you in any way. The only way is through prayer and emunah in HaShem’s kindness. Continue to remind yourself that HaShem loves you and will take good care of you. He is running the world and not yourself. Don’t blame yourself, this won’t get you anywhere. Do whatever mitzvahs, good deeds, good thoughts or even less bad things that you can in order to reinforce your faith. Tell Him you are trying and plead with him as you are pleading with me.

Remember that there are always harder times and easier times but that no matter what, you are loved by HaShem and all will be good in the end if you seek to live according to His plan. Someone once taught me a song, if I had a good voice – I would sing it to you. Either way, here are the lyrics:

It was very good, it is very good, its only going to get much better.

It was very good, it is very good, its only going to get much better.

Just rely on HaShem. Just rely on HaShem.

Just rely on HaShem, just rely on HaShem.

Try to remember all of the past issues you have had and how many times in the end things turned out being just fine. Try to find some relief even in your present situation, perhaps there is something good in your life even right now? Maybe things aren’t as bad as they could be? Find something positive to focus on and be grateful about this. And hope and pray for the future when things will be better. If we follow HaShem’s lead, everything will turn out right, we can be sure of this.

Here is a great article – wishing you much success, Amen!

Kol Tuv!