I’m currently a kabbalah student with the kabbalah center I wanted to know what is the difference between their teachings and yours is there is something wrong about studying there?

Ozer Bergman Answers:

I’m sorry, but I can’t really answer your question since I don’t know what the Kabbalah Centre teaches.

We teach that the Torah is God-given, at Sinai through Moshe (Moses).

We also teach that God requests, demands and hopes for from each Jew observance of all the mitzvahs of the Torah, to the best of the individual’s ability. Friends of mine who spent a number of years affiliated with the KC have told me that the latter was certainly not taught there.

May God give you the wisdom and strength to do His will in every area of your life.

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  1. i go to the Kabbalah Center for Shabbat i study during the week with ; i have been to Uman and read about Rabbe Noson,s biography and i bought books from Breslov Research Institute, when a Breslov Rabbi comes to town i go to his lectures; its has been a great treasure that i have discovered and continue to discover and learn.

  2. It would appear to me that The Satan ( evil Inclination ) is part of man but can manifest in the mystical world as well. My question is as follows: If all of humanity was to disappear today from the face of the earth and if all living beings other than man were to disappear too, would there still be a Satan existing somewhere in some dimension?

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