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Awe and Devotion 25-27

by breslov.org

AWE AND DEVOTION.  25. God’s main joy and pleasure come only from this lowly world of ours. God has the whole array of angels, seraphim, chayot, ophanim and all the higher worlds—all of them serving Him. But when we in this lowly world magnify and sanctify His Name and carry out His will, it gives Him the greatest joy, for He sees the service of this lowly world rise to the realms above (Likutey Moharan II, 4:7).

26. When people study and discuss one of the original Torah concepts of the true tzaddikim, they can become filled with the fear of Heaven (ibid. II, 4:13).

27. Your main aim should be to serve God with simplicity, with no ulterior motive. Follow His ways in order to know Him. This is what He wants. A person who serves God in order to earn the World to Come is just hungry: he wants to fill his stomach with the reward. Even so, it is better to serve God for the sake of the reward of the World to Come than it is to chase after this world. At least someone who serves God for the sake of the reward is wiser than one who struggles for this world all his life. This world is transient, but the World to Come is the world of eternal life. Even so, the main aim should be to serve God with no ulterior motive whatsoever (ibid. II, 37).


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