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AWE AND DEVOTION. 28. What profit is there when people run after the superficialities of materialism and gratification and neglect the task of achieving self-perfection? Many people waste away their days struggling to leave a big inheritance for their children. But this is no better than when a person gets himself dirty and then takes more dirt to cover up the dirt. Other people try their best to leave a good name behind them for their children’s sake. But this is still not the real purpose of life. The aim of the true tzaddikim is only to satisfy the will of God (Likutey Moharan II, 37).

29. In all situations, the Jew always has the option of exercising free choice. As far as the other nations of the world are concerned, there are certain things that restrict their free will and compel them to act in a particular way. With a Jew, however, no matter what he does, there is always some devotion involved, something that relates to his service of God. Because of this, the Jew has free will in everything (ibid. II, 54).

30. The profit a person can have from this world is indescribable. You don’t need to spend your own money to make a profit here. God spreads the opportunities before you and you can simply stretch out your hand and take abundant profit (ibid. II, 55).

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