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Azamra! Finding the Good Points

by Yehudis Golshevsky

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…




“Reb Nosson wrote: “When a person looks at himself and feels that the deep waters are sweeping over him…this is just the time to remind himself of the lesson of Azamra (Likutei Moharan I:282). ‘Nevertheless,’ he must say, ‘there are still a number of good points in me that come from the mitzvot and good deeds that I have done!’…”
(Healing Leaves, p. 102)

What does this mean to me?




In the letter quoted above, Reb Nosson goes on to write that the further away one feels from G-d, the more joy he can take in the fact that he is still able to draw close to his Creator through every mitzvah opportunity. Our own assessment of our spiritual level—which itself might be distorted—doesn’t cancel out the fact that we are always still worthy of approaching G-d through every mitzvah act, every word of prayer. In Reb Nosson’s memorable words, “I am still worthy of praising and thanking G-d many times each day that He has helped me to hold my ground!”

A prayer:




Master of the universe,
Who judges every person favorably
at all times;
Full of lovingkindness,
constant Benefactor…
Help me and guide me upon
the true path
so that even now I will seek out and find
merits and good points
within myself.
This will fill me with joy
and change me for the better;
It will infuse my prayers and devotions
with vitality and passion.

(From Likutei Tefillot I:90)

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I don’t know why the prayers from “The Gentle Weapon” affect me so strongly. I only know that they touch something so soft and sensitive that is inside of me. Perhaps it is because i fall into the abyss that the Rebbe talks about and each time I come out of the abyss i feel such great gratitude that Hashem in His great love for me sent me the Rebbe to pull me out…
I pray that Hashem will say enough to all of our spiritual troubles because I believe that they are the source of all of our physical and emotional troubles.

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