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Be a true Chassid of Rebbe Nachman

by Yossi Katz



Dear Friend,

I am sure that Corona has affected you in some challenging way: stress, social isolation, loss of livelihood, or G-d forbid illness. I hope and pray with all my heart that HaShem will bless you and that we see how this terrible plague is in some incredible way for the ultimate benefit of mankind, Amen!

I must also share with you what I and the Breslov Research Institute have experienced: the cancellation of our last planned trip, all bookstores closed worldwide, no in-person meetings with donors and the unfortunate continued illness of Rabbi Chaim Kramer (Chaim Menachem Ben Leah). The perfect storm!

BRI (Breslov.org) for over forty year has mamash been the pioneer and main force to share Rebbe Nachman’s teachings with Jews throughout the world. Without BRI, most of you would never have heard of Rebbe Nachman today. Without Rebbe Nachman, hundreds of thousands of lives would not have been transformed and uplifted.

And Rebbe Nachman’s message has just started to be heard in the world at large. We have so many important projects underway including, “The Elucidated Likutey Halakhot”, “The Breslov App”, “The Rabbi Rosenfeld Biography” and much more. BUT WE SIMPLY CANNOT CONTINUE WITHOUT YOU! Authors, typesetters, printers, graphics artists, office staff all need to be paid.

Dear friend, it is now up to you who has benefited so much and who has so much more to benefit to act as a true Chassid of Rebbe Nachman and help the Rebbe by contributing right now.

We have created for you a fantastic evening which is also our only means to fundraise right nowPlease SIGN UP NOW and contribute at least $100 so we may continue this vital work.

With humbleness, gratitude, and blessings,

Rabbi Yossi Katz
Executive Director, BRI USA

Register now: www.breslov.org/live

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