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Be Patient With Yourself!

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Hold On! Patience!
Meshivat Nefesh #52
Reb Nosson taught that there’s one powerful remedy that keeps us from getting discouraged by all of our challenges and our fallings and failures, especially when we really have spiritual aspirations and cannot seem to bring them into reality.

It’s called patience.

Patience doesn’t only mean not getting upset when the bus doesn’t come, when the traffic doesn’t unclog, when your friend leaves you waiting at the restaurant.

The main quality of patience is what we exercise with ourselves, by taking the long breath of acceptance of our situation and ourselves as it is right now, as we are right now. It is fueled by trust that God is constantly renewing creation from moment to moment, and just because our situation at this moment in time isn’t exactly as we want it to be, change is always possible…because there is no situation that is irredeemable.

Patience is nurtured by faith in God’s lovingkindness and compassion. If, until now, I haven’t seen the progress I’ve longed for, that doesn’t mean that I never will. I can be patient and hold on, and allow the spirit of renewal that constantly fills creation to take hold of me too.
Dear God,
Please help me to remember
that time takes time,
and that spiritual growth does not arrive on my timetable.
Please fill me with patience
for myself,
for others,
and for waiting for Your good will to unfold…
no matter how long that takes.
(LH: Hilchot Tefillin 5:6)

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