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Becoming Spiritually and Physically Wealthy

by breslov.org

In every generation we are required to see ourselves as if we personally were redeemed from Egypt. This applies to every person, in every situation. One of the ways we are ensnared by the bitterness of the exile is through the great toil of making a living. The way to free ourselves from this exile is by bringing ourselves close to the Tzadikim. Through our attachment to them, we merit to break our lust for money and become happy with our lot. This is because we become aware of how small and “poor” we truly are both physically and spiritually Through this we become redeemed, we become rich in a holy way until we merit to even become financially wealthy. This is the same process we will experience when Mashiach will come. All of the wealth will return to the side of holiness and to the Jews, for at that time we will all be righteous. All of this is only because of the great “poverty” that was felt in this great exile. However, even then we will not forget those feelings of impoverishment, and we will not become haughty. We will just becomes strengthened by reminding ourselves that in essence we are poor. It is said that even Mashiach himself is called poor and he will therefore come riding on a lowly donkey. The starting point in becoming both spiritually and physically rich, is to first feel ones poverty and lowliness.

Based on Reb Noson, Likutey Halachos
Translated by Yossi Katz

© Copyright 2009 Breslov Research Institute

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