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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…

Reb Nosson wrote: “Our principal concern is never to let the words of the Torah grow old for us. It is forbidden to become old and stagnant, G-d forbid! The words of the Torah should be absolutely new to us every day! This is the foundation of the entire Torah, which we are exhorted in the passage of ‘Shema Yisrael’ on the verse, ‘And these words that I am commanding you today.’ The Sages comment on these words, ‘Let them be new for you every day!'”
(Healing Leaves, p. 46)


What does this mean to me?

“Let them be as new for you today as they were on the day that you received them.” On the day that we received the Torah, the entire Jewish people was elevated to the loftiest state of prophecy. At Sinai, we not only learned of the words revealed by G-d, we got a taste of what it is like to be exposed to the mind of G-d. Even though we lost contact with this prophetic state, we still have the Torah with us, and even now it reveals to us the infinite mind of G-d, in the manner that each person can absorb. As we grow, our understanding of the Torah grows as well. Is it because the Torah has changed? Quite the contrary—the Torah remains the same, but as we grow we begin to see further glimpses of its heights and its profound depths.
G-d is infinite; His mind is infinite; the Torah has the potential to be infinitely fresh and new for every single one of us.


A prayer:

G-d, make me worthy of enjoying and delighting
in the words of Your holy and awe-inspiring Torah,
for all of its words are alive and true and desirable for all time.
They are more precious than gold, more sweet than honeycomb.
Even from my far-distant place, I have a grasp in my mind
of the sweetness and depth of Your Torah,
whose every word rises to infinity
and descends to depths beyond measure or end.
Even I can see in some small way that they
unite all of the worlds and make them complete.
(Likutey Tefillos, I:91)


I am SO hooked on the Narrowbrige e-mails in these dark times they bring in some light. I see maybe a book down the road? Have a Kosher Passover


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Yehudis Golshevsky

Yehudis in her own words: When I first began learning Rebbe Nachman’s teachings with my husband and other teachers, I felt as though I had come home to the personal and vital relationship with G-d that I’d always sought. Today, a large part of my inspiration comes from helping other Jewish women discover their own spiritual potential through the meaningful teachings of Breslov Chassidut.

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