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The Passing of Reb Chaim & Gita Kramer’s Daughter — Cheena Rochel A”H

by Yossi Katz

With heavy heart, we share with you sad news. Reb Chaim and Gita’s beloved daughter Cheena Rochel Bat Chaim Menachem has transcended from this world to the next.

Words are insufficient to express our pain and sadness for her family and the Kramer family. The Kramer’s are an incredibly close knit family and all of them are expressing profound loss.

As parents, Gita and Chaim shoulder the heaviest load along with Cheena Rochel’s husband, children and another generation.

The following message was received from Reb Chaim and Gita Kramer:

Chaim and Gita Kramer extend their deep and heartfelt thanks to all of those who spent their time and effort praying for our daughter, Cheena Rachel bas Gita Ginendel  ע”ה

It appears that HaShem wanted her even more than us and she passed away at 1:15, Wednesday 13 Kislev (November 21).

May HaShem send complete healing to all Israel and comfort the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim Amen.

Unfortunately, in recent years Cheena Rochel’s husand Reb Dovid, has become disabled to the point of being wheelchair bound, and not able to support his family. This exceptional family requires ongoing household assistance, help with daily expenses, as well as paying for emotional therapies. Some of the children also need expensive ongoing medical attention.

Please take this opportunity to give directly to the suffering family by clicking here.

The following is a translation of the eulogy of Reb Chaim Kramer: (Please note, some words were inaudible)

King of the world, the children eulogize their parents not the opposite. But Hakodesh Baruch Hu thought something else. I said to my friends today , 47 years of nachas and simcha, mamash nachas and simcha.

It appears that Hakodesh Baruch Hu wanted by him,  what we wanted by us.

From the day she was born on Yom Kippur there has been simcha, more simcha, and more simcha –  a joyful life.

A mamash awesome, joyful life.

You can ask all of her friends all of these years – she received everyone at our place with a sefer panim yafos – each and every person.

Her emunah knew no bounds. Her emunah in Hakodesh Baruch Hu, emunah in the Holy Torah strengthened us all the years, especially in the last year.

It was at night around 8:30 that she was at our house. She said, “There is something that I need to to tell you.  I have an illness.” She was in pain due to her sickness.

That was at our house, a Sunday night at 8:30.  Monday morning I went with her on a plane. 5:30 in the morning we travelled to Kiev.  We travelled to Uman. We were there 3 hours and then we returned home.

When she returned from Rebbe Nachman’s grave she said, “Baruch Hashem, I was by the Rebbe. I gave over everything to the Rebbe, what Hashem wants, I accept.”

This is what she said when she got her illness.

“I gave over everything to the Rebbe, he will take this to Hashem. What Hashem wants, I accept.”  This is emunah.

All of this last year, 9 months, 10 months.  All the time she strengthened her emunah, that this is the will of Hashem.

“This is what Hashem wants from me.”

Two days ago she spoke a number of words.  She said, “Baruch Hashem.”

She received. She suffered.

“Baruch Hashem.”  What is there to say on a daughter like this?  From when she came until she died; all of the years we spoke words of emunah amongst us, she received them.  This was a part of her life.

Emunah, emunah, emunah.

A joyful life – there is HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

From the point of a father and mother there is nothing that makes us more proud than raising a daughter filled with such emunah, and trust in HaKodesh Baruch Hu.

Now you are able to see all the good points you gathered, all the mitzvos, all the good actions that you merited b’mishpat. Your husband and the grandchildren. All of the family knew that you had a wide heart to listen, to learn, to teach…

But HaKodesh Baruch Hu will have mercy on you and us. I have no doubt you will continue higher and higher and you will be able to draw out a favorable opinion for the whole family that we should not know more pain and Clal Yisrael will have simchas nacas kol tuv.

From this day forward.

As the Rav said before that HaKodesh Baruch Hu only takes the good ones. Hakodesh Baruch Hu should help you above and the family here below.

There should only be joy in Am Yisrael, Amen.

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