Glory be!

Not only is Breslov Chassidus prominently and positively in a mainstream Jewish magazine—Mishpacha—it’s the cover story! (Rabbi Chaim Kramer, founder of Breslov Research [wearing glasses], and Reb Moshe Weinberger of Aish Kodesh are pictured.) Get yourself a copy of this week’s issue: 28 Iyar 5770/May 12 2010

Our thanks to the good people at Mishpacha, in particular Reb Yisroel Besser, the article’s author. May his love for tzaddikim continue to stand him and his in good stead, m’atah v’ad olam (from now and forever).

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  1. Absolutely fantastic article that portrays the sanity of Breslov and a kavod for Rabbeinu Baruch hashem. Maybe the frum world will get a small taste of his sweetness and wisdom through Reb Chaim and Rav Weinberger’s interviews.
    Kol Hakavod to Reb Besser whose courage needs to be recognized.



  2. I agree. Was the soton asleep how did he let this one get by? I think we should not let our inspiration from having seen and read such a gevaldige article on Breslov and Rabbeinu Hakadosh enter the homes of so many frum Yidden around the world die dowm and daven that we are able to reveal his light in the world to the extent that we are able to, as bias Moshaich tzidkenu!

  3. what a moirdeke piece candid and honest and warm. great writer, kol hakovod to rav chaim and rav moshe for doing this.

  4. By the way, this is not the first Breslov article in Mispacha. A few years back, they did a great article – also a front cover one – on R Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld zt’l.

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