In Part Two of Breslov Kabbalah, we explore the concept of  potential and learn how to apply it to our everyday lives.

Everyone has potential. Enormous potential. When we develop our potential, we can transform it into great deeds and accomplishments. We can live a life of contentment. Our days will be filled with substance. Work, leisure time and all our daily routines can take on meaningful expression.

What exactly is our potential? More importantly, how can we develop it?

Potential is a unique energy granted to each and every person by God Himself, and it resides within each person’s unique soul. We can better understand this idea from the verse ( Genesis 2:7), “And He breathed into him a breath of life.” That is, when God breathed into Adam his soul, He was breathing into man His limitless power and energy. As the noted Kabbalist, the ARI (1534-1572), explains, “When God exhales, He ‘exhales’ from His innermost being. Furthermore, once this breath is breathed into man, it cannot be severed from Him” ( Etz Chaim, p. 68; see Innerspace, p. 17; Anatomy of the Soul, pp. 30-31). Thus, man is a vessel that contains God’s breath of life, and he retains a direct connection to the Infinite God. As a vessel, he can definitely reflect that “breath”—that is, the energy it contains. In this way, man is a personal repository of enormous, near-infinite potential.

The reason we are not fully aware of our potential is due to its depth. Our potential is linked directly to God, but like God, Who is not readily apparent, our potential also is not readily apparent. Were we only to look inward to evaluate what strengths we possess, and review our lives to see where we’ve come from and how we accomplished what we did until now, we could begin to recognize a bit of that potential. Everything in creation displays the same depth. For example, scientists first discovered the atom, then the neutron, then quantum, etc. The discovery of each layer led to an additional search for deeper and more energy-charged particles within the atom. Similarly, untold layers envelop a person’s innermost being. Each level that is revealed and activated sets the stage for the next level to be attained. Usually people don’t really know what their potential is or how powerful it can be until they are faced with a challenge. Then they somehow discover enormous strengths or resources with which to confront and conquer difficult or even impossible situations. People undertake daring rescue efforts or act in completely uncharacteristic ways when put to the test. At those moments, they are tapping those awesome reservoirs of energy stored deep within that allow them to accomplish so many things—even those that seem beyond their capabilities.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to wait for a challenge to unlock the mystery of our potential? Wouldn’t it be better to access it at will? Imagine how much satisfaction we could gain by harnessing its unbelievable power.

We can—using the tools of the Kabbalah.

This series is based on the book: “Hidden Treasures” by Rabbi Chaim Kramer.

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Chaim Kramer

Chaim Kramer is largely responsible for introducing Rebbe Nachman’s teachings to today’s generation. He is a sought-after lecturer on Rebbe Nachman’s teachings by English-speaking congregations around the world. Chaim has been the director of the Breslov Research Institute since its inception in 1979. BRI has been the main publishing-house for translations of classic and contemporary Breslov books. More than 100 titles are currently in print, in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, and even Korean. Chaim himself, is the author of “Through Fire and Water”, “Crossing the Narrow Bridge”, “Anatomy of the Soul”, “This Land is My Land”, and many more titles, as well as annotating the entire 15 volume English Edition of Likutei MoHaRan.

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