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Breslov Research Weekly Parsha – Parshat Yisro

by Chaim Kramer

This weeks Parsha – Yitro – a short but full packed Parsha.

The 10 commandments which include all 613 Mitzvot.

Yitro heard the splitting of the Red Sea and the war against Amalek.

The Zohar asks – that everybody in the world also heard this – however but Yitro heard and took action because of this – i.e. because of the miracles wrought to the Jewish people he wanted to become a part of the Jewish nation.

The Gemara teaches that Yitro was called this name because a Parshat in the Torah was added due to him.

The Parsha where Yitro suggests and advises Moshe to establish and delegate smaller courts so that the job of Moshe should not be overburdening.

The function of a Tzaddik is to be in between Hashem the Jews, and still, yet to delegate the authority also to others – to choose the right people who are honest and upright and could properly help Moshe – the tzaddik with the smaller and easier details.

The Divine Presence itself was able to intervene and help Moshe determine who was right and wrong in the cases that came before him.

The Zohar continues that 3 tzaddikim had this ability – Moshe, King Solomon and Mashiach, each in a different format.

Reb Noson writes: if a person wants to find Hashem, he could find Him everywhere.

This was thanks to Moshe Rabeinu who was able to bring this format of Torah and make it available to everyone else.

Rebbe Nachman did the same thing – he is able to define all of the Torah and bring it down to a level that no matter how far a person is from Hashem, he can benefit from it.

However, this requires that a person also study the Torah itself, and of course cry out and pray to Hashem.

This is indicated in the first words of the 10 Commandments – I am Hashem – i.e. that He can be found everywhere.

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