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by breslov.org

If you are looking for a place to order Breslov Hebrew Seforim for cheap online, or to download free PDFs, read on.

We received the following via email:

BreslovBooks.com is an effort to spread the books of Rebbe Nachman all over the world and more specifically in the USA. The initiative has been running for over five years and B”H has been able to ship out thousands of books so far. All the books are shipped from its shipping center in Far Rockaway, NY. Prices on the books are completely non profit, books are sold for almost exactly the same amount the publishers were paid for the books, plus the sea fright shipping charges from Eretz Yisroel and the Pay Pal / Credit Card processing fees. Shipping is available via the low rate USPS Media Mail, to further keep the pricing down. Tracking can normally be added to each package for an additional minor fee.

Aside from selling hard copies of the books, all the texts are also available for free download as digital PDF’s, enabling people all over to access these crucial teachings of Rabbanue at all times. All work on the website and shipments are done by volunteers whose goal is only to spread the teachings of Rebbe Nachman further in the world. People ordering books and and pamphlets for Hafatza to give out for free or resell at cost price will have their shipping subsidized and the books will B”H be sent out for free. Institutions are eligible for receiving a subsidized discount of 80% on books in accordance with the discount guidelines.

Thanks and Shavua Tov,


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ruben September 4, 2018 - 11:07 pm

Do you know the name of the author,who wrote a book titled,
A day in the life of a breslov hassid.


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